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Healthcare-Associated Infections:
The more you know, the more you can do to prevent them

What is an HAI? It's an infection that develops in a patient 48 hours after entering the hospital.1Patients get HAIs while receiving treatment for other conditions.This type of infection is different from community-acquired infections, which people catch outside the healthcare setting.

More about what are HAIs and what you can do about them
If you, a family member or loved one will be treated in a healthcare facility, get the facts on the simple and specific things you can do to reduce the risk of serious HAIs. If you or a loved one are …
Receiving any medical treatment
Be on watch for Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet
Be on watch for Surface Disinfection Fact Sheet
Having surgery or expecting a baby
Be on watch for SSI Fact Sheet
On a ventilator
Be on watch for VAP Fact Sheet
Using a urinary catheter
Be on watch for UTI Fact Sheet
Having a central line or ostomy receiving dialysis or chemotherapy
Be on watch for CLABSI Fact Sheet
Being admitted to the hospital for treatment over age 65 or have chronic conditions such as diabetes, HIV, obesity
Taking antibiotics for a long time or if you have taken vancomycin in the past in a long term care facility
Be on watch for MRSA Fact Sheet
C.DIFF. Fact sheet
Flu Fact Sheet
Surface Disinfection Fact Sheet
Hand Hygiene Fact Sheet
Some hospitals now report their HAI rates. Find out more about HAI reporting and what it all means when you are choosing a hospital.

Hospital infection rates. Things you should know

F.A.Q. Answers to your questions about hospital infection rates

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1Centers for Disease Control, 2009. Healthcare-Associated Infections. http://www.cdc.gov/HAI/burden.html


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Defining healthcare-associated infections

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